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December 26, 2009

Energy for New Year

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Want more energy in the coming year? Try CieAura Chips. They are laser-fused with sounds, frequencies and vibrations that balance our bodies energies. Amazing 21st century delivery of age old homopathic remedies. Check them out at Email for free sample.


November 18, 2009

Be Pain Free

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Know any one having pain? Go to and invest in the pain holograms. Apply as directed and feel the difference. Enjoy much less pain, feel good.

September 21, 2009

Veggies & Fruits

Health experts are saying we need to eat at least 10 sevings of veggies & fruits a day for the antioxidant protection we need. Do you eat that many??

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February 11, 2009

Burning, Bloating, Pain

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The Burning question…

Do I have an ulcer?

What is an ulcer? It is an open sore or lesion either of the skin or mucus membrane (which includes the lining of the stomach and intestines.)

Ulcer symptoms include spasmodic and gnawing pains in the pit of the stomach, which sometimes radiate to other areas like the back  or between the shoulder blades, bloating,nausea and/or gas.  Other symptoms can include headaches, back pain, a choking sensation and itching.

Stomach pain of this sort may be relieved by eating, but spicey or heavy foods may make you feel very uncomfortable, and the stomach seems sensitive to pressure from the outside. If the ulcer deepens it may reach blood vessels and cause serious bleeding. At this point, it may be life-threatening.

The most common theory used to be-and still is in some circles-that ulcers are caused by stress. High amounts of stress increase hydrochloric acid production. This acid is classically perceived as so strong that it eats away a portion of the stomach’s protective mucus lining, causing an ulcer.

While aspirin and chronic stress can be important factors in ulcer formation, recent research reveals  the most common cause is Helicobacter pylori bacteria that burrow into the stomach’s mucus layer and produce inflammation. Many people host this bacteria, which can get into the blood stream and circulate throughout the body.

Once established in the stomach lining, H. pylori bacteria can defend themselves against hydrochloric acid, (HCI) and the body’s immune system by secreting an enzyme called urease, which reacts to produce ammonia in the stomach, which then neutralizes HCI. In response to this attack, the stomach produces more acid and causic oxidants that irritate the stomach lining.

Taking antacids or acid-blocking drugs does not address the H. pylori problem. Even worse, these drugs have adverse side-effects, and allow H. pylori more freedom to grow!

The conclusion is that ulcers are not caused directly by the effects of chronic stress on the digestive system, but from its secondary effect of weakening the body’s defenses, eventually decreasing HCI production and allowing H. pylori to proliferate.

There is a great way to control the H. pylori bacteria. email me at for details.

September 5, 2008


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Indigestion can spoil an evening if you aren’t prepared. Food just sitting in the stomach gets very heavy. Most of us benifit from adding digestive enzymes to our diets. Taking one or more digestive aides as we eat helps us enjoy life. Email me at for more info.

September 3, 2008

Living loved

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In the book The Shack by William Young is the term learning to live loved. What a great way to live. When we can percieve God’s love for us we can learn to live loved. That takes the stress out of life. We can really enjoy life.


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This is the time of year when lots of fall flowers are blooming. The season for hayfever. 30 plus years ago I had severe allergies but thanks to herbs I no longer have to stay inside to avoid headaches. ALJ is a life saver so we can all enjoy life. Visist my website at and go shopping. Change your life today.

Hello world!

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Hi, Really enjoy the opportunity to share with everyone. It is a great world we have to enjoy. Want to enjoy it with you. Have a great day, living loved.

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